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  While looking for a good picture of the Giza pyramids, I came across this beauty. The Pyramid of the Magician. Oh how I would love to take a trip to Mexico. I think I may have to write a book about this thing just so I have an excuse to go there! LOL.

Fun Stuff Coming Up

Reining In will be featured on Daily Cheap Reads in late December or early January. Phantom Rising will be featured on Kindle Boards mid December. I've been notified of a few other places each book will be showing up. I'm so excited. I can hardly wait!

In the Mail

I just got an email this morning that they have mailed out my proof copy of Phantom Rising already. I am so excited. In a matter of days, I will be holding the first copy in my hand and if I managed to catch all of my mistakes, I will be able to approve it for publication. I can hardly wait. In other news, sales for Reining In have been off the charts all month long. I am only two books away from tripling my sales from last month, my best month ever. Two great things all in the same month. I can hardly stand it. Somebody pinch me please.

Phantom Rising on Kindle

I always forget to post my updates here. I need to work on that. Phantom Rising is live on Kindle . I'm hoping the paperback will be out next week. I have a little formatting left to do yet, and then it will be up and running. I'm so excited to finally have it done. To celebrate it's release, I've dropped the price of Reining In on kindle to $.99 for the rest of November.