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Two Books in the Works

Well, I've made a dent on my current WIP. Found a cover photo that has given me some inspiration, so I'm excited. (I will show you later, when the cover is completed) Still trying to come up with a title, but not in any hurry. I am going to give you all a chance to get involved in this one. The whole story revovles around the characters involvement with paranormal activity. I've always been facinated with the subject myself and have had a few experiences myself that can't be explained away. Some of the events in it are inspired by things that actually happened to me in real life, so it's fun and a little crazy. (Bet you guys didn't know how exciting my life really was. Or perhaps I'm just a little crazy.) So if you've got any good ghost stories, share them with us. If I see something really interesting, I may use it. (with your permission of course) I'm kind of excited about this book. It is one I've thought about for a long time but could neve

Now on Nook!!

Both Reining In and Phantom Rising are now available on Nook. It's taken me a while, but I finally broke down and listed it. Don't ask my why I didn't do it sooner. But I'm excited to finally have it up there. Now to get Phantom Rising on the B&N paperback side. Maybe this week.