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  I have just mailed off my application for ICT con. Nadia and I are gonna try really hard to have Tonga done in time to present it at the con. It will be close. (especially since I just scrapped an entire chapter and Nadia just put a big change in our outline.)

Progress on Tonga

  So far Tonga has been completely hand written. It's not that I prefer pen and paper over the laptop or anything like that. I just try to write whenever I get a free minute, which is almost never. So I carry a notebook around with me and write when I can. I am happy to say that the first notebook is full today. It's going slower than I would like, but I've been busy and I've also been stopping now and again to research a few things. Not as much info on prehistoric men and animals as one would like you know, so it takes some time. But the story is still steadily coming along. Hopefully it will be done in time for ICT con or the fall Ren Faire.