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Kindle Sales

  I usually dread the beginning of the month. That is when our Amazon sales reset to zero. But this month I already have sales and it's only the 2nd. Woohoo.

KAP - Ren Fair - Fall 2013

 I didn't get to be there on Saturday, but I was there all day Sunday.  My parents came to visit as well.  Always love attending KAP events.


 I hope the talents it's talking about are my writing talents.  LOL
 I'm trying to decide what to do with the cover for Eternal.  So far I haven't found anything I love.  I came across this and look how good it looks as a cover.  But the art is on deviant art and I haven't heard back from the artist yet.  I'm really hoping he lets me buy the rights to use it.  Fingers crossed.

They're here!!!

  Just got the trading cards for Reining In and Naree Pon, and OMG, they are perfect. Except for one thing. I forgot to put my website on the Naree Pon one. I could just kick myself. But they look great. I did the Naree Pon ones in a matte finish and it looks soooo good like that. I really wish I could do the same with the book, but it isn't an option. I'm sure it will look good in glossy too, but the matte is just so perfect. Oh well.

New Banner

This is the new banner I designed for my upcoming events.  What do you guys think?

Senior Project - Mentor

  This was my first mentor project. This young lady was great to work with. She was very motivated and spent hours interviewing me for her project. I hope she goes on to publish her work.

KAP Promo Art

 Davis made this up for the spring fair this year.  LOVED it! I wish we could've had them printed up ahead of time to hand out everywhere.  They would've been so cool.

Our t-shirts are now out in the wild

This was sent from a fan. (Ignore the date on the picture.  Apparently the date on his camera was off just a little.) He was the first one to win one of our t-shirt give aways.  He was very excited. The next one is my daughter wearing her t-shirt.  She was also excited.  

Cover Reveal - Naree Pon

  Ok, I know it's 5 in the morning, but the storm woke me up, and I noticed the phone was flashing, so I had to look at it. Yeah, I'm that bad. Can't let it keep flashing until the morning. LOL. But as I'm looking through my messages, and there's a lot of them since last night you busy people, I see one from Ronnell, my cover designer. He sent my cover, and it is so perfect! I just had to get up and post it right now! Thank you Ronnell!!! I love it!!