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Indie Author Day at Hutchinson Library 2016

 This event wasn't quite what we thought it was.  When they invited us, they made it seem like we were presenting to readers.  It was actually them presenting their writing tools to us, trying to tell us that as indie authors we weren't good enough.  So what we mostly got out of it was networking with other indie authors.  And I got to hang out with some of my KAP authors outside of KAP.

Indie Author Day

  While I am sad that we did not have the Authors Pavilion at the Ren Faire this year, I am excited to say that several of us will be attending Indie Author Day in Hutchinson. Stop out and join us!! (And don't worry, the Authors Pavilion will be back in the spring!!)

No Fall KAP this year

  I will not be attending the fall Ren Faire next weekend. The entire authors pavilion is on hold until the spring faire due to other obligations. I do plan on attending Indie Author Day at the Hutchinson Public Library on October 8th, so come see me there.

Indie Writers at Reverie

 I had the honor of being one of the featured authors at the Indie Writers at Reverie for May.  The other two featured authors were Sam Mayo and Scott Beard.  Fortunately for me, one of them went first.  You know how my social anxiety gets.  But I really had fun with this.  This is probably one of the coolest events I have participated in as an author.  (Thank you Lyndon for talking me into it)  As you can see in the photos, lots of my fellow authors from KAP showed up to show support, which really helped me get past talking in front of a crowd. (Thank you and LOVE you guys!!) I really hope to do something like this again some day.  

KAP Ren Faire Spring 2016

Look how many authors were in the group photo this year!!! This was the first year that I dressed up for KAP (unless you count my kilt inspector shirt.  LOL) I had worked really hard to lose weight, so I felt good about dressing up.  We had a lot of fun that year.  As you can see, my daughter is still out making friends with all the fair animals.

Final Friday - Wichita

  I will be participating this month, along with authors C.A. McJack and Jo Jacobs. Come visit us from 7-9 pm this Friday at 417 e Gilbert, Wichita, KS. #FinalFridayICT  is this Friday, March 25! Support local artists by attending exhibitions at participating venues and purchasing one-of-a-kind art during the Final Friday art crawl in  #DTWichita !