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New Banner

This is the new banner I designed for my upcoming events.  What do you guys think?

Senior Project - Mentor

  This was my first mentor project. This young lady was great to work with. She was very motivated and spent hours interviewing me for her project. I hope she goes on to publish her work.

KAP Promo Art

 Davis made this up for the spring fair this year.  LOVED it! I wish we could've had them printed up ahead of time to hand out everywhere.  They would've been so cool.

Our t-shirts are now out in the wild

This was sent from a fan. (Ignore the date on the picture.  Apparently the date on his camera was off just a little.) He was the first one to win one of our t-shirt give aways.  He was very excited. The next one is my daughter wearing her t-shirt.  She was also excited.