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ICT Comicon 2018

 This was such a fun con.  A ton of our KAP authors were there with us.  Nadia's publisher was there with his own table, so she had double duty. AND I got to meet Sam Jones from Flash Gordon.  This was doubly special because my daughter's friend, who might as well be my own son, is a HUGE fan of Sam Jones.  Unfortunately he shipped out for Korea the night before the comicon.  So he didn't get to meet him personally.  I promised I would get a picture, which I did, but even better, Sam made a video for him.  (and yes, in the video he calls him my son.  We're ok with that) There are celebrities you meet that are underwhelming and then there are those that leave a lasting impression.  He was AMAZING! We had a wonderful time, sold some books and made some memories.