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Been a While

I just realized that I NEVER update on this page. I always do my updates on facebook, and this page gets neglected. To the point that I don't even give out the address to this site. Sad. So sad. Ok, so, maybe I should post an update. It's been a crazy busy month for me. Lots going on. So here goes. Last month, not such a great month. I lost my mom last month. This was tough for me, and still is. She wasn't very old; only 55. We were close. I can easily say that my mom was my best friend. I feel completely lost without her. Needless to say, I haven't been doing much writing for the last month. It just hasn't been in me. It has been so much harder than I ever thought it would be and I miss her like crazy. To say that I've wasted the past month isn't quite accurate either. It's been a busy month, both personally and book-wise. My daughter turned 15 earlier this month. We wasted a whole weekend celebrating her birthday. It was easily the best weekend we&#

KAP - Ren Faire - Spring 2011

  For some reason I didn't take many pictures at this event. One group picture and a few pictures of my daughter playing with a snake.