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Smallville Comicon 2018

 This is literally probably the best event I've ever been to.  We got to go for free.  Nadia's publisher paid for our table.  We were only two tables down from Dean Cain, although neither one of us got to meet him. The two pictures we have of him were actually taken by Jared, Nadia's publisher.  We did, however, get to meet Mindy Sterling from Austin Powers and Stephen Williams from Supernatural.  Let me tell you, they left an impression.  Nadia basically abandoned me the whole weekend and hung out with both of them.  They were both so wonderful.  Mindy came over to our table to talk to Nadia several times.  She was so impressed with her artwork, and even took selfies with her on her own phone. She gave Nadia a free autographed photo to give to me.  (They normally charge an arm and a leg for those, but she immediately told her Nadia she would give her one when she came over to our table and invited her to hang out with her) We got to see the Impala (no, not the real deal, b