Changes to Tonga Covers.

Since the writing bug has bit me and I have been working hard on my manuscripts, I've been getting things ready for when it's time to publish each one.  Unfortunately some things have come up that put a wrench into everything.  This particular one has to do with the Tonga series.  When I originally purchased the cover image for the first book, I intended to buy another image from the same artist for book two.  They went together so well and it fit the story for the second book.  So here's where the problem arises.  I've been working on that book for so long that it's been six years since I bought the cover art for book one.  I went back to order the artwork for book two and found out that the price on it has skyrocketed.  I was crushed.  I loved it so much, but it's too much.  If it was for an entire cover, I could see putting the money into it.  But it was just the image.  I know, artists have to eat too, but this girl is broke.  So I found a different image.  I went back and forth on whether or not I should keep the image I purchased for book one and I finally decided to change it too.  The one I am using matches the new image for book two better.  They are both very similar to the original photos, so I think they will work.  These are not the finished products.  They are just mock-ups.  As you can see, the bottom text is hard to read.  I will be doing some playing around with them until they are perfect.