Fall KAP possibility

 Before I start, I just want to say that this is not set in stone yet. A lot of things have to happen first.  I've been talking to the founder of KAP and some of the other authors that are members.  I am thinking about going back for the fall faire.  It's been six years since I last attended.  They invite me every year, but there's a lot that needs to happen for me to go.  First off, it's an eight hour drive.  I don't do so well in the car these days.  My nerve damage is at an all time high, and some of my medications make driving a nightmare.  But I'm willing to try to do it if I can work everything else out.  I work every other weekend at my job, and with my current schedule the weekend of the faire just so happens to be the weekend I'm supposed to work.  I will have used up all of my PTO by then, so the only way to get that weekend off is to be able to trade days with my coworkers.  One of my coworkers did say she would trade me so I can go, BUT with it being that far out (September) I can't count on that just yet.  Between now and then, either of us could move to a different schedule, a different shift, etc.  So I have to wait and see.  There is also the money.  Between gas and hotels, it will cost me a bit to get there, and I don't usually make enough in sales to cover that kind of trip.  Which normally wouldn't be so bad, but I have two big trips coming up before then, which will cost money.  Sooo, this is something I want to do, and am trying to work it out.  I've made up my mind that if I can't go in the fall, I will be there for the spring event.  But the fall one lands on my birthday, and what better way to spend my birthday with friends I haven't seen in years.  So stay tuned.  If things work out, I will make an announcement with exact dates and times.